So I discovered yet another wonderful talent that C has in her extensive repertoire. Apart from being an excellent chef and even a belly dancer, C also has a talent for giving massages! And that was exactly what I needed.

Since last Friday I’ve had excruciating pain in my upper back muscles, so much so that bending over to tie my shoelaces is almost impossible. I’m not exactly sure what has brought the onset of this problem, but I do know that it is pretty serious. Though I usually suffer from stiff and overly tense muscles in my legs, this is one of the first times I’ve encountered this problem in my upper back. I know my posture is particularly bad (I have very rounded shoulders nowadays), but I think it is the recent over training of those muscles that has greatly contributed to this problem :(

Luckily C came to my aid, oil and all. Shame, I was afraid her fingers were going to dislocate because of the pressure she had to exert to try and work out the knots in the muscles. A very hard session was required and once she finished up (her hands were finished), I could definitely feel some of the tension worked out of my neck and shoulder muscles. Bliss at last, but still a long way from totally sorted out.

Seems like I’m going to have to get her to do this more often for me, maybe a nightly affair? ;) I wont lie, it was very enjoyable! – Luckily for me shes easily bribed by red wine and Lindt choccies!