Starship TroopersDoes anyone remember the movie Starship Troopers from a couple of years back? Big budget Sci-Fi action movie that most people wanted to see in the hope of catching Denise Richards in the nude? Basically a military movie in space, with rather ineffectively armoured humans battling against giant bugs? Anyone at all?

Oh well not important. I remember watching the movie when it came out, but I remember being far more interested in the CG kids show that was produced as a tie-in, again a completely different topic. In any event, the first movie spun off a second direct to video feature and now I hear a third movie is in production. Which brings me to the point of this post: it is being filmed right here in South Africa. Better yet, parts of it are being shot at UCT!

It was kind of cool to see all the movie support trucks parked in front of Jameson Hall yesterday. All the crew were running around and the props were scattered around for the world to see. Futuristic helmets and paintball-like looking guns lay around all over the place. Lots of interesting bits and pieces to see.

But to be very honest, what the heck is a futuristic space movie doing at UCT? Guess I’ll just have to wait for the direct to video release of this one :)