ProstituteI got the surprise of my life late last night while returning from badminton. I stopped by the petrol station literally in front of my flats because I needed fuel for my trip into varsity this morning. Its on the main Voortrekker road, the Sanlam Head Office section which basically means it is the nicer part of Voortrekker Road.

I was on the phone with C (having just passed her at the previous robot light – she completely ignored my frantic attention-grabbing hooting so I had to fall back on plan 2) and so I pulled into the Caltex Garages parking spots. And paint me pink and slap me with a wet Marie biscuit, I got accosted by a prostitute.

I was completely taken aback. Now I know the prostitutes generally work more towards Parow side, but for one to be flashing her/his/its wares in the populated and well lit Caltex garage area came as more than a little bit of a surprise (I use the word it because though it was dressed like a woman, the face definitely seemed more like a man).

Relaying all this to C in real time had her as curious as a slippery monkey in a jelly vat and she rushed over to come have a look see (its uncommon to us, which makes it interesting you see).

So in the end, though I didnt take up the prostitute on any of its offers, I did end up convincing C to join me for a McFlurrie at McDonalds in the end. A much better proposition methinks :)