C is a fan of psychological thriller/suspense movies. I’m not. Never have been and probably never will be. I prefer cute fluffy bunny rabbits mixed with explosive CG backgrounds to the really scary stuff. So on Friday night when we decided DVDs would be the order of the day, I rejoiced when we took out Borat (not that I really really enjoyed it the first time, but it wasnt bad and it did pull a laugh or two) and then not so joyfully pulled Wolf Creek off the shelf.

C said shes heard good things about it apparently it is really scary and based on a true story. Well I can verify two things now: 1) it isnt based on anything but rather is inspired by real killings such as the Milat backpacker murders; and 2) it is very, very scary

The story revolves around three backpackers that head off in their old car to visit the site of a meteorite crater at Wolf Creek somewhere deep in the Australian outback. A fun trip out turns into a major headache when on return to the car they find it wont start at all. Luckily for them help arrives in the form of a friendly Aussie trucker named Mick. Hitching them up he offers to give them a lift back to his camp so that he can repair the car. With no other options available to them, the trio have to accept this friendly strangers generous offer

Director Greg McLean has to be complimented on his film making skills. He knows exactly how to play with emotions and understands exactly what is needed to ratchet up the tension when he needs it. Honestly, he does this so well that most of the second half of the movie is completely unbearable well as least for me and for many of the other people who have written about this movie on the net. The violence is nasty and sadistic, and very real. The music, the lighting the sound effects are soft, wet and very disturbing.

With about 20 minutes to go and in the middle of a very disturbing scene, my manly demeanour disappeared and I blurted out to C that I couldnt do it any more. C then paused the movie and comforted this whimpering wuss, opting to rather finish the movie on her own the next morning than have to clean up a possible puddle left on the sofa. Thankfully I accepted her offer and we buggered off to bed, leaving Wolf Creek far behind (I locked the door too, just in case).

So if you like you movies scary and real, do yourself a favour and pick up Wolf Creek. Me, I think Ill go watch Shrek or Ice Age again instead.