So Rockstar and their parent company Take-Two is sitting with a slight hassle in that their latest release namely Manhunt 2 will effectively not even get out of the starting gates after being banned in Britain (and a few other European countries) as well receiving the deathblow AO rating from the ESRB for their planned American release. AO or Adults Only means that most retail distributors will refuse to stock it on their shelves, thus severely limiting the games exposure to the masses.

To be honest, if you saw the first Manhunt and have heard anything about the second one, it really does deserve an Adults Only rating. Skipping all story elements, the game basically focuses on you killing as many people as possible and gaining points for the way you perform the murder. The more sadistic a killing the more points you receive. It is graphic, it is gruesome and it is disturbing. And to be honest, kiddies and teens should most definitely not be playing this one. It elevates the killing of other humans to a degree that is not often touched upon by other games. (Well that probably isnt entirely true, but it is nice to see the ESRB finally start taking stricter control over what is being released in the gaming world).

So now what? Should Rockstar change some of the content to get a lower rating? Well, we might just end up with the following:

Manhug 2