fatigue man yawningI’ve been completely and utterly knackered the last couple of days again, severely impacting on both my work and after-hour activities (don’t ask when last I went to gym :D). I d love to blame C for my tiredness, but I know that I simply haven’t been getting enough pillow time and it would seem the older I get the more desperately I crave it – And last night my body decided to hit back.

Seeing as C had quite a bit of work to get through in the evening, we decided to cancel the usual evening visit. So settling back at home, I pulled out the anime and playstation and set about catching up on some hobby time. Caught Merkaba on Messenger briefly and before I knew it, I was forced out of the lounge and into bed because my eyes werent quite focussing anymore.

Not wanting to admit defeat, I whipped out my newly acquired manga and set about taking some of it in. Turns out osmosis was the only way I was going to absorb any of it because I promptly fell asleep (this must have been just before 9pm) only to wake up at 5:30am the next morning – at least feeling as fresh as a daisy.

So hopefully I’m sorted until at least next week :)