This is definitely not the best way to start your new job :)

Porsche 911

A new starter parked next to her boss’s Porsche, then watched in horror as her car exploded – and torched his too.

The lady in question was driving to her new job doing admin for a travel firm when she noticed smoke coming from her VW Polo. She carried on and parked up next to the managing director’s 35 000 pounds Porsche 911, reports a British tabloid.

But seconds later flames began shooting out from the VW’s bonnet, then ignited the fuel tank as the car went up in a huge fireball. The blaze was so intense it melted the side of the Porsche, warped the chassis and set fire to the tyres.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and doused the blaze – but not before it wrote off another car parked the other side of the blazing VW.

A pal at the travel firm in Oxfordshire, said: “The girl is new here and hadn’t even met the boss yet – what a way to introduce yourself!” Another employee added: “Everyone found it very funny, except the girl of course. She could have been badly hurt. But the boss has been really good about it.” –