Celtic RockSo I got some culture injected into me on Friday with my attendance to the Celtic Rock show put on at the Barnyard Theatre in Willowbridge, Durbanville. C worked in Ireland for a couple of months and is absolutely besot with the country meaning this was simply a show that we couldnt miss – her winning the tickets certainly helped the cause along as well ;)

Basically the show features an energetic musical cast covering a wide variety of popular and highly acclaimed music that all originates from Ireland. It combines elements of rock, folk, pop, and obviously those good old traditional Irish pub songs. – It features music from U2, Chris De Burgh, The Cranberries, The Commitments, The Corrs and Simple Minds just to name a few. In fact, even The Proclaimers got a showing with probably the most well received song of the evening to be honest (Yes, obviously it was their walk 500 miles track). I never knew Chris De Burgh of all people is from an Irish heritage. I must admit to being kind of confused when they belted out Lady in Red in the middle of the show.

The musicians responsible for all the work must take credit because they really are all a class act. From the guy who plays multiple guitars to the lady that moves between the saxophone, flute and harmonica, every single member of the band brings something unique to the table. I must make special mention of the woman who played the fiddle/violin thingie though – it was really an exceptional piece of skill. The four main vocals are top notch as well with both the two ladies and the two guys doing equal amounts of work. As far as we know, the band were split up between British/Irish and local artists, but to be honest it really didnt matter where who came from because we were all too busy raising our glasses to Ireland to notice in any case.

The show was hosted by a mad Irishman who in typical over the top Irish fashion kept us more than thoroughly entertained throughout the evening – even if not all of his jokes where being caught by everyone in the audience. All in all the show was a riot and a really enjoyable experience, even if you arent particularly tied to Ireland in any way. Highly recommended if you want to get out and about for a change.