Celtic_RockHad a pretty pleasant weekend if I must say so myself :)

Worked a full day on Friday for the first time in ages, so it was pretty weird only getting home just after 17:00. Seeing as Jason is still down with flu, karate was off for the evening, something that suited me perfectly as Chantelle was taking her parents and myself out to the awesome Celtic Rock show at the barnyard theatre a little later. The show was an utter blast and she and I followed it up by taking a late night drive through to Blaauwberg beach for a soft serve ice cream.

Having only finally gotten to sleep at some ridiculously early hour in the morning, we decided to sleep in on Saturday (well I did, she had to get up nice and early to make breakfast for the guesthouse guests). Lazed about for the afternoon, put in some Okami and Lord of the Rings game time as well. I joined up with Ryan and Merkaba in the evening (Chantelle had work unfortunately so she missed out) for some games and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. The movie wasnt half bad at all I must say and I ruled at Fifa for a change :)

Sunday turned out into another nice and relaxed day. Went to church with Chantelle in the morning and then again followed it up with a tasty soft serve from Blaauwbergs famous ice cream vendor. The afternoon kind of just slid by on some hanging out and PS2 game time while the evening was taken up by a visit of one of Cs friends and a late visit to her parents.

Got to love my laidback life sometimes :)