Okay, so now I have the date and the time and everything.

I’m pencilled in to take part in the adult semi-contact open division at Saturdays South African Championships competition. – The SAs form part of the larger All African selection tournament that is taking place over the whole weekend. As per usually Anton and myself will be taking part again, but this time were being limited to the semi-contact division only (not that were actually training hard for this as per usual). Our sensei Jason (one of SAs top full contact fighters) who has taken part in the last four Kyokushin World Championships is nursing a major disappointment as he has just been forced out of the All Africa tournament thanks to a nasty bout of ill-timed flu that he has caught. So I guess Anton and I will be out on our own again like last time :)

Karate Fight3 ResizeRegistration takes place on Friday at the convenient location of UCT Sports Halls and my actual division fights on Saturday morning, somewhere between 08:00 and 12:30 (Also at UCT Sports Complex).

(I’m hoping to at least win a fight this time, but to be honest, I just don’t get this semi-contact thing. Still, going to try my best!)