Fantastic Four   Rise of the Silver SurferSaturday evening saw me joining Merkaba and Ryan for the viewing of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. While I wasn’t expecting too much from the movie, I did manage to psyche myself up before the event by crushing Merkaba and Ryan at FIFA 07 earlier in the evening (Okay, crushing is over exaggerating a bit, and Merkaba did manage to draw a game, but I still didn’t lose any match to either of them. They even tried to beat me later in the night after the movie, but still to no avail :D)

I saw the first Fantastic Four and although not a brilliant movie, it wasn’t half bad, managing to keep my attention for the duration of the movie. Having seen most of the superhero movies now being churned out by Marvel, it has become pretty apparent that the writers have now found the formula for the super hero movie and are sticking as close to it as possible. And surprise surprise, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was no different from any of Marvels latest offerings. Which actually isn’t a bad thing.

All the actors from the first movie reprise their roles for this sequel and to great affect. The castings for the characters are spot on (well except for Jessica Alba as Sue Storm – but we all know why she was cast for the role in the first place, so I wont pursue that one. Incidentally, once again she briefly appears without her clothes on) and it is great to see the roles played exactly as they would have been done in the comics. Ben, Johnny and Mr Fantastic leap seamlessly from page to screen and even long time readers of the series cant really complain.

This movie deals with the first major Fantastic Four story arc from the comic universe, namely the introduction of the world devourer Galactus and his first herald, the Silver Surfer. – Story synopsis – The Silver Surfer has tagged Earth as Galactus next meal and it is up to the Fantastic Four to save the world once again, all while dealing with the return of Dr Doom and trying to fit Mr Fantastic and the Invisible Woman’s wedding in at the same time.

GalactusDisappointingly though, the director decided to replace Galactus rather campy humanoid form, replete with purple skirt and giant purple hat, with a rather wimpy giant cloud. Guess there are some things special effects companies simply refuse to help portray :)

Actually I cant really moan about this movie at all. It moved along slickly, combining some decent humour with nice action sequences and although the story overall is a little campy it fits the superhero story genre perfect. The special effects were top notch as always and the soundtrack blended in well with the movie, never being obtrusive in the least.

I suppose to sum it all up, I kind of liked it for what it is. It is a good, perfectly average super hero movie, nothing more, nothing less. It wont win any Oscars but it is an enjoyable movie which doesn’t feel too long, moves along nicely and keeps you more than adequately entertained. If you are looking for something decent that the family can enjoy or just to pass the time, the Fantastic Four will do the trick quite nicely.

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