So tomorrow is the big day as I take part in the SAs Kyokushin semi-contact tournament. As per usual I haven’t put all that much training in, but I’m in fairly decent shape so hopefully it will go a little better than my last showing. Also a major bonus this time round is that I know a bit more about the rules and the scoring system for the semi contact bouts, which basically means I stand a slightly better chance of maybe sneaking a win in.

Last time I was merely trying to survive, this time Ill go out there sniffing for blood. Just by the way, when I say semi contact all it means is that we wear gloves and shinpads and win by scoring points. We still go out there trying to smack the crap out of our opponent – Should be fun! :)

Picked up a bit of an injury to my right shoulder in our last practice session on Wednesday though and its been a bit niggly since then. Hopefully it wont affect me too much. My biggest concern is getting my head right for the fight. Last time I was completely and utterly unmotivated this time I’m hoping I can conjure up some kind of fighting spirit or something. Maybe I should bribe myself with a new game or manga perhaps?

Any way, seems like my brother will be tagging along again, bring his video camera in tow, so I should have something to post up here next week.

Wish me luck!

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