Red WineAnother Monday has arrived, which really only exists to signal the end of the weekend (though next week I’m bucking that trend because I’m taking Friday and Monday off for a little mini holiday :D). Had a fairly relaxed weekend in the end thanks to an injury I picked up on Saturday, so one thing I cant complain about today is a lack of sleep.

Had a nice early start to the weekend thanks to my customary half-day at work again. Signed up for the tournament on Saturday before leaving UCT (the event was held at UCT) and then spent the rest of the afternoon watching a DVD with Chantelle (Antonio Banderas in Take the Lead if you really HAVE to know). I even got around to watching Shrek 3 late Friday evening with Chantelle and some of her friends at Kenilworth Centre of all places. The movie really isnt all that good and I embarrassed myself once again by falling asleep during the middle part of it and snoring very loudly. Retha isnt a problem because she already knows me, but the two other girls that were with must have been thinking What the hell? :_)

Saturday morning was tournament time and so I picked up Ryan (camera in hand of course) and buggered off down to UCT. All the fighters had to assemble at 8:00 the morning, regardless of when in the day they were scheduled to fight. I ended up fighting only around 11:30, so it was a little frustrating hanging around for so long. At least this tournament was extremely well organised and everything ran very smoothly for a change. My fights as usual didnt go all that great but I did enjoy myself so that is all that counts. Unfortunately I seriously injured my knee in my last fight, causing me to abandon it half way. Ill obviously post more about the fights in a separate post (and yes, there is an accompanying video of course!)

Dropped Ryan off at home and then hobbled home to nurse my wounds. My hunger got the better of me though, so I took Chantelle out to the Spur in Tygervalley for a late lunch. After lupper (lunch + supper = lupper. The opposite of brunch obviously) we quickly ran a couple of errands before darting off to the airport to pick up some of her guests. By that stage my knee was starting to get the better of me, so when we eventually got back to the guesthouse, she pushed me into bed, nursed me and before I knew it I had dozed off and stayed in that state until late Sunday morning.

Sunday Chantelle and I lazed until late morning in bed before spending the afternoon driving around looking at guesthouses on the market and feeding the ducks (and rather aggressive geese) at Sonstraal dam. The evening was passed making supper for the guests and watching a recording of Thursday evenings Strictly Come Dancing I was shooting for Bulletproof Monk but the dancing show wasnt all that bad :)

So apart from the knee injury, I can safely tick another great weekend off on my calendar