Flipping heck!?! Can we truly say that today’s media doesn’t have an impact on our youth? Should we really be producing such questionable content in the first place if this is the result it has?

Censorship has a role to play whether we like to admit it or not and everyone should be doing their bit to ensure who has access to what material.

Bloody KnifeTeens planned rape, murder
10/07/2007 14:06 – – (SA) –

Vienna – Austrian police have arrested three teenage boys aged 15, 16 and 19 who had planned to first rape and then murder a girl in a re-enactment of scenes from horror films, local media reported on Tuesday.

The three teens from Trofaiach in rural Austria admitted they were hooked on horror movies and wanted to see a person die.

The would-be murderers had apparently planned to carry out the crime on Saturday, when they were to meet up with four girls known to them and select a likely victim.

One of the three is reported to have taken a knife from his parents’ home and another dressed in female clothing to avoid recognition.

However the three, who were known to police for several other offences, delayed their plot for fear the girls might be interviewed by police.

They were however arrested after an anonymous tip-off and are reported to have made full confessions.