FIFA 2006Hee hee, I extended my winning streak against the boys in FIFA last night when I dropped by the pick up the fight vids from Ryan. Catching him in the middle of his TV show like I always do, he accepted my challenge to a quick game of FIFA 06 while the files copy over. Another English derby, this time around Tottenham (Ryan) versus Manchester City (Me) – we tend to pick teams of equal strength to make the games fairer.

As per usual, the game was a fairly tight affair, with neither of us able to get the upper hand and destined to play out to a goalless draw. Well at least thats how it was until I slipped a play down the side of the field, bent a cross in towards the goal which I missed but Ryans defender managed to catch on the shoulder, only to let it slowly roll past a very static keeper :)

Ryan was unable to pull it back, even hitting the crossbar in the dying seconds of the game.

Seems like sometimes the universe just loves me :)

P.S. Further proven by the fact that my girl later presented me with a lovely warm top and some cologne as a 1 month anniversary gift while I got off easy with some Lindt choccies – I’d better up my game and fast! :_|