Seeing as this was Chantelles weekend off for the month, I decided to put in a little leave for Friday and Monday and make this a bit of a rest break weekend. Late night Thursday saw us catching Sarah Michelle Gellar in The Return, a passable suspense/mystery movie I guess well it must have been okay because it was the late night show and both Chantelle and I stayed awake through the whole thing (okay, she dozed off for a brief bit, but I was awake the whole time for a change!)

Friday saw us sleep in late before heading out for a late lunch at the Bamboo Garden Restaurant, a nice little spot tucked away in the humungous Cape Plant Nursery (?) in Kraaifontein. Chantelle used to work there a while back, so we were more than welcome there and I must admit they make the some of the best beef burgers ever! Relaxed with a great atmosphere, I got to highly recommend this spot for a lazy Sunday afternoon lunch.

The evening saw us head out to Ocean Basket at the Waterfront to meet up with Retha and some of her friends for supper (I avoided the ocean cockroaches and scum suckers, sticking to plain fish and chips as always :D) before buggering off to Cubana in town for a couple of drinks. After that we hit Long Street, wandering from spot to spot before finally settling down in Stones until the early hours of the morning. Had a lot of fun dancing like a squirrel on speed, but my knee hated me for it. Still not 100% better, so I guess Id better stay clear of karate and training in the general for a little while longer.

Caledon Hotel & Spa is running a great winter special where you can get a room for R350 per person sharing compared to the usual R700, and seeing that they have such a wide range of natural warm springs and baths combined with the allure of the adjoined casino meant that it was a pretty easy decision to treat Chantelle to a night at the hotel. So Saturday afternoon saw us signing in at the Caldeon Hotel before being escorted to our room only thing is, there was one hell of a nice surprise in store for us: due to the lack of normal rooms they automatically upgraded us to the luxury suite!! Hows that for luck! (to bad it didnt follow us to the casino, but Ill take the room any day)


Our apartment featured a separate lounge area, complete with dining table, lounge suite and big TV and even a little bar area. The lounge area was followed by the beautifully decorated bedroom area, a spacious room featuring a king-size bed complete with all the odds and ends normally associated with hotel rooms. The bedroom also had an open-plan bathroom area with a huge corner bath in it and quite a nice shower to boot too. We even had our own little balcony with a simply breathtaking view of our surroundings.

We made the most of our time at the resort, taking late, late night swims in the naturally heated mineral baths and ponds under a gorgeous starry night sky. The weather was perfect and the Sunday breakfast buffet was even better! :)

To be honest, I was pretty sad when we finally had to say good bye to our royal pad :(

After arriving back Sunday afternoon, we headed out for a late lunch at Chantelles parents place before heading out to fight with the people at Woolworths in Canal Walk over an item exchange. Finally we capped the perfect weekend off with some delicious Hot Chocolate and Chocolate cake at a trendy coffee bar in the Tyger Waterfront.

And now I’m enjoying my last day of leave, sitting home and playing PS2 games. Like LG says, ‘Life is Good!’ :)