So yesterday was my last day of my long weekend and I pretty much spent it catching up on some of my hobbies like watching anime and playing games household chores be damned (Well at least I did some clothes washing just don’t ask about the dishes though). Okami is racking up the hours and I’ve broken the 33 hour mark now as much as I enjoy it, I really do prefer games closer to the 10 hour mark, 20 at the max. And it doesnt help that the game goes out of its way to lengthen the play time by making you re-fight the big boss monsters either :( Still, it is proving to be a thoroughly worthwhile game to play. On the anime front I’m keeping myself busy with Devil May Cry and Ergo Proxy. Devil May Crys one demon an episode formula is getting old fast but Ergo Proxy is proving to be a real gem of a series. Very entertaining stuff.

Eventually got bored of my own company and buggered off for a quick visit to my mum and also to wash my car which was now a light shade of beige instead of its usual white. Ryan also managed to kick my ass thoroughly at FIFA 07 as well seems like all his practice is paying off at last.

The evening saw me stop by Chantelles place for DVD night we picked a movie called Asylum which seemed interesting enough, but in the end proved once again that one really shouldnt fall for the box-cover write ups. Chantelle got the major vote in which movie we should watch thanks to a slip up I made in the morning – and Jet Li’s Fearless was out in any case. If you have to know what the movie is about, here goes: Asylum (2005) is the story of the bored and unfulfilled wife of a psychiatrist working at a remote mental asylum (in Britain in the very early 1960s), who starts a passionate but dangerous affair with one of the inmates, a jealous psychopath.

Quite frankly it turned out to be more than a little boring, putting both Chantelle and I to sleep before it could reach its conclusion. You can safely avoid this one sitting on the shelves of your local video store. Co-incidentally, I blame the movie for my breaking of one of the guesthouses coffee cups, due to the fact that the movie was so boring I kept having to shift about to avoid thrombosis in any of my limbs. Stupid flailing elbow :(

Knee DiagramHowever the undisputed highlight of my day was the point that I never seem to grow up (read mature) being driven home in a rather painful fashion last night. As you may or may not know, I injured my knee fairly severely at last weeks karate tournament. Luckily for me however it seemed as if it was healing up quite nicely, with it probably being around 90% better (before yesterdays event). I could move fairly fluidly, it wasnt too painful and only really gave hassles on sideways twisting motions. Good stuff :)

Now the guesthouse is surrounded by a fairly low wall around the property, a wall that is very easy to scale over without much effort (something I’ve done a couple of times before). Walking back from the Spar, Chantelle took it upon herself that she also wanted to be able to scale the wall like I can, so in a moment of giddy macho childishness, I dropped my stuff and swung myself over the wall (completely forgetting that I’m busy nursing an injury of course) only to land heavily on my bad knee. As can be expected, a wicked pain shot through my leg leaving me rolling around the ground in foetal position, sucking my thumb and calling for my mummy.

*sigh* So it is back to square one again for me. Its painful, I’m hobbling around like a one-legged hobo and it is all due to the fact that my inner child keeps getting the better of me. Next time I see him I’m going to throttle him!

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