Thanks to my knee injury I was forced to sit out of badminton last night, so instead I invited Merkaba over to play some footy with me. He brought his Fifa 07 with him and we literally kicked the evening off.

PES6The bugger always complains that I never want to play Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) with him as thats his forte, but why would I want to switch out from one of the best footie franchises out there. I mean, I remember playing the early EA Fifa titles on his Sega Megadrive when we were young for goodness sake I grew up with the Fifa brand! I’ve played PES once or twice and to be honest, the whole arcade feel to the game really puts me off its a title that should be played at the arcade for a quick bit of fun shouldnt be taken serious at all. And the lack of major club and player licensing rights makes it very annoying too! I want to play with real player names, not some half-baked rip offs!

FIFA07(By now you might be able to tell that I’m quite biased towards the Fifa franchise everything else sucks – not very objective, I know :D)

Anyway, back to the footie. Seems like the increased practice at the game has only really gripped Ryan as Merkaba and I were able to play out quite a couple of tightly contested games, with me taking the overall honours in the end (Thanks to some very entertaining mistakes on his goalie’s behalf and tons of luck on mine).

We were also graced with Ryans presence later on the evening after his return from badminton, so we could finally make a bit of use of the nifty multi-tap again. Lots of fun, with me even managing to sneak a win in against the dynamic duo of Ryan and Merkaba :)

Oh yes, I also managed to finally finish Okami the final boss battle sequence took me an hour to complete! But man was it worth it one of the best titles of played in ages!