Had a pretty enjoyable weekend once again, so no complaints from my side! Half day Friday struck once again so I was back home before I even started working :)

Decided to spend the afternoon with Chantelle seeing as our evening was fully booked up once again and the quality time was nice as always. Late afternoon we headed off to her parents place to see their latest purchase, the much hyped Shake and Shape fitness machine that had finally arrived after its long import journey from China.

Now I’ve heard about this latest craze involving machines literally shaking the bejeezus out of you in the name of fitness, but this was the first time Id actually encountered once of these beasts and I must say that I was impressed. Its a single plate model with variable speed/vibration settings that features a highly geared and responsive motor that literally goes from full tilt to halt in a matter of split seconds. The frame isnt all that sturdy, but that could simply be an incorrect observation on my part its difficult to think rationally with your brain being rattled out of your ears!

The machine is definitely good for improving circulation, that much is apparent. Not so sure about weight loss though, but I guess its a matter of wait and see once the test bunnies have used the piece of equipment for a while.

Friday night was board game night, with Karl, Patricia, Damen, Michelle, Candice, Wayne, Merkaba and even Ryan joining Chantelle and I at the guesthouse for an evening of 30 Seconds and Pictionary. Chantelle was a bit nervous about meeting all my buddies in this kind of setting for the first time, so we went all out providing snacks and treats and really setting up a nice, comfortable environment, complete with candles and a blazing fireplace.

Everyone pitched and the games evening can only be described as a great success, even if I cant understand how come it was that my team kept losing at all the games. I believe it was because Karl cheated by fixing the Pictionary cards and tapping on the sand-timer during 30 Seconds, but I’m yet to confirm my suspicions. Perhaps kicking him in the shin will do the trick.

Nevertheless, it really was a great evening and I think everyone enjoyed themselves (except perhaps for the guesthouses one and only guest Ryan and I got a little loud at all the blatant injustices launched against our team). So a good start to our host things at the guesthouse campaign and I’m sure there are going to be plenty more from where that came from!

P.S. My friends really really impressed Chantelle when they all pitched in to help clean up the place before leaving late night made Chantelles and my life so much easier, so thanks a million for that.

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