Damn it. Stupid trains along the Simons Town line were delayed once again this evening. Obviously there is some or other problem along the lines the Metrorail have so far been unable to resolve. Took me about 30 minutes longer than usual to get home again :(

I’m considering going in by car tomorrow, just in order to avoid a repeat of the last two days debacle methinks. Not that going by car will necessarily solve anything just heard over the radio that there was an over-turned truck on the N1 this evening, apparently slowing traffic up quite horrendously.

DaughtryWell at least arriving in Bellville late didnt affect my plan of hitting Tygervalley in order to purchase my latest gift to Chantelle. Shes been talking about this Daughtry fellow for a while now, so I decided to surprise her by buying the CD for her. (Which by the way turned out to be a good move she absolutely loves it! :D)

For those of you who don’t know him, Chris Daughtry was the fourth-place finalist on the highly publicized fifth season of American Idol (2006). Daughtry is the band he formed after being ejected from the show, a band that is currently enjoying quite a bit of fame worldwide, especially with their smash hits Home and Its not Over to name but a few.

Their music is best described as acoustic grunge/rock and is rather pleasant on the ear, a nice change from all the lightweight, poppy fluff that usually gets produced by these Idols shows. Good stuff.

Also, I was very proud of myself this evening. As mentioned before, I’ve amassed a fair amount of un-played PS2 games and vowed not to purchase another game until I’ve worked my way through this pile, no matter what uber special jumps my way. Tonight I was fully tested, when I browsed into BT Games shop and came across Tomb Raider: Legends, brand new for R150. I picked it up, stroked it, tucked it under my arm and waltzed around the shop with it, before placing back on the shelf and walking out, a tear in my eye.

Sometimes it hurts to be strong