Metrorail ResizedDammit. Stupid trains on the Simons Town line hit some or other unannounced snag, resulting in more than an 30 minute longer wait than usual which in turn resulted in me only arriving at Bellville station well after 6pm, more than an hour later than what I usually arrive home :(

I love the fact that instead of the +- R1000/month I would spend if travelling to work by car is squashed to a fixed R128/month thanks to the train system, but man, sometimes it just doesnt seem worth it. (Although I guess a bad accident on the N1 would delay travel by car as well, so maybe I’m being just a little too hard on the train system.)

Oh well, at least I could poach some yummy stew off Chantelle for supper, so at least my mood got lifted from that :)

Further update: This morning trains were delayed on the Simon’s Town line again – Salt River station was packed! Thank goodness the rain let up a little so I didn’t get soaking wet for a change.