Microwave OvenCrap. I was famished when I got home this evening, so I popped some frozen food into the microwave, hit the start button and recoiled in surprise when there was a large explosion at the back of the machine.

Seems like the magnetron on the old thing has finally packed up :( – I was kind of hoping it was just some unfortunate cockroach that blew up, but further testing shows that the microwave no longer heats things up.

Oh well, it did serve me well for the 3 or 4 years that I have had the thing in my life as a bachelor. Guess I had better go shopping this weekend then for a nice, shiny new model or else I might just starve to death.

On a completely unrelated note, laughing at an anime is something that does not happen all that often thanks to me having become a rather jaded old hand at the genre. But while tucking into my emergency backup rations and watching the first episode of School Rumble, I must admit to guffawing out aloud at the scene where the kids on the bicycles pass by Initial D’s Trueno, complete with Eurodance track and all! :D