UCT LogoI’ve been running/maintaining the Commerce faculty website for a good 5 or 6 years now and it is finally reaching a point where my own laziness towards the site is beginning to amaze me.

Because I’ve finally becoming to lazy to use the mouse to browse to the particular departmental courses I need to get to on the site (it currently takes two clicks – from the homepage click on ‘Browse Course Sites’ and then click on the relevant course link), I’ve finally implemented an auto-redirect system which really should have been done years ago.

And it took me exactly 5 minutes to rush through this morning, using a mere 29 lines of verbose coding (i.e. ‘if – then’ and ‘end if’ lines all appear in a new line).

So now the site accepts all valid course code shortcuts and attempts to redirect you straight to the site, e.g. http://www.commerce.uct.ac.za/eco2008s will dump you directly on the ECO2008S website, just as http://www.commerce.uct.ac.za/acc1006s would dump you on the ACC1006S website.

Nifty I know :)

Hint to all webmasters maintaining multiple sites under a single umbrella site – standardisation will make your life so easy, trust me.