LG_Microwave-grill_MB4344BSSo I think I’ve located the microwave oven with which to replace my blown Sharp . Yes, I know I could probably get the Sharp repaired (probably), but why not spend some money and get some newer technology in my kitchen. – Its more fun that way :)

Anyway, the LG Intellowave MB4344BS is the latest microwave oven with grill from LG (one of my favourite brands for household appliances in any case) and follows on the already well established Intellowave product lines. This time around the Intellowave has a nifty added feature of a proper oven grill installed, something which I always make use of, making it the perfect combo for me!

850w is a bit disappointing in terms of the microwave strength though and the 23 litre size is also quite a bit of a letdown if I think about the fact that most standard models come in 30 litre sizes. – But this one does feature a curved back wall, making it more capable of handling rectangular dishes than older models – and the fact that it has a rather large turntable of 320mm diameter helps as well.

Its fairly stylish I guess, but the silver model looks a lot better than the white or black model, so I guess Ill be getting that one then – not that it will go with anything else in my kitchen of course :(

Now the only problem is sourcing it – the damn thing is so popular, most shops are out of stock on it. Seems like nobody wants the white one after all :)