If you know me, then you know I’m a little rigting bedondered (read no sense of direction) at the best of times, and yesterday this tragic condition raised its head once again and squarely bit me in the ass.

It is like sometimes my brain just loses all sense of direction and I forget spatial location of places entirely. I momentarily forget how to get to someones house, or Ill try to head down the Garden Route by travelling via the N1, things like that.

So anyway, because my knee isn’t 100% right yet, I’ve been taking the bus down from campus to the train station for the last while. Now yesterday I was standing around, waiting for the bus to arrive, minding my own business and not being in particularly deep thought at all. The bus eventually pulled up and I remember quite clearly reading Claremont on its destination tag and without further ado, hopped on board completely forgetting that Claremont is entirely in the opposite direction of where I want to go!

You can just imagine how my jaw dropped when the bus turned right instead of left after leaving UCT, leaving me completely flabbergasted at the fact that I had made this huge idiotic blunder :(

I had no choice but to wait it out, sit in traffic and wait for the bus to finally complete its route before heading back to Rosebank, my actual target destination. The result? Getting home just before 18:00 instead of my usual just after 17:00!


At least I was able to drown my sorrows in a nice bottle of Nederburg Duet when I finally got home.