It must be one of those weeks then. Having already taken the wrong bus this week, I decided to go one step further and miss my train station this morning.

Everything was running perfectly normal as always. I had a good nights sleep at the guesthouse, before heading home for a quick breakfast this morning and then onto Bellville station to catch my train to Salt River.

The trains were running nicely on time and I hopped into the front carriage, settling into a nice comfy chair next to the window so that I can keep a watch on passing stations. A couple of lights were out in the coach though, making it a little darker than usual, but nothing too threatening or anything like that.

Dozing off into my usual train slumber, I slept soundly until my body clock woke me up at Maitland station, only two stations away from Salt River. I sat upright in my chair in anticipation of my upcoming dismount and closed my eyes for a second

Sleeping Polar Bearonly to wake up in Cape Town station.


I haven’t done that in ages :(

At least I can take heart in the fact that I just shortened the time spent in the office today by my late arrival :)