Storage Area NetworkMy week at work has been pretty good actually. I’ve actually been doing work again, thanks to the fact that the students are back from their long vacation. I also managed to beat my boss Kyle into work today, something that is practically unheard of as he never loses! I also finally made my mail client more responsive by deleting around 5 500 messages from my mailbox. And even more importantly, I was given a nice big shiny project to tackle :)

I was taken out to lunch on Wednesday by Kyle and Bobby, our main senior liaison with LightEdge Technologies (our hardware and software supplier). In a move to further distance ourselves from our parent department ICTS (UCT’s main IT support department), Kyle has decided that we will be offering extra storage space to students and staff members alike. And this means a nifty SAN (Storage Area Network) needs to be installed.

We’re in the process of purchasing the full set of hardware, but I’ve got a test unit all set up and attached to my web server and my mandate is: MAKE IT WORK.

I love it when I get full control of a project :)

So over the next little while I’ll be writing an online management suite for this SAN that will contain a variety of access control, file utility and storage control systems. I’ve still got to decide what development language to use, but I’m thinking I’ll flex some PHP this time around instead of going for my much loved VB for a change. However, I’ve already got a couple of my existing systems in mind which are going to make wonderful building blocks for this new project.

Finally a decent reason to look forward to work again!