FIFA 07Last night Merkaba and Ryan popped around to my place for some FIFA 07 again. After chewing the fat for a while (and passing along my Death Note and Azumanga Daioh to Merkaba), we got down to the serious business of trying to kick each others ass.

Merkaba successfully used the distracting Ghost Pops he had brought along to put me off long enough to defeat me 2-1 in the individual challenge. (The last game I embarrassingly lost 3-6 after leading 1-3 after the first half and going into extra time at 3-3. I think Ill use the excuse that Ryans arrival threw me off even more than the Ghost Pops did, seeing as my brain doesnt seem to handle talking and playing footie simultaneously all that well).

Ryans arrival heralded the 2-on-1 games session, which surprisingly enough I dominated quite easily for a change. Their usually flawless teamwork was tattered and as holey as a Holy Cross Convent :)

Once Merkaba left us though, Ryan set about showing me how real soccer is played, beating me twice in succession.

*sigh* I needed more Ghost Pops, or at least somthing stronger than orange juice.