The weekend started off interesting enough I guess. Started off with an early morning trip to work on Friday morning, worked like a mad gopher to finish up at 12:00 and then shot off home for some relax time. Played some Prince of Persia (about 97% finished with that), read some manga (Eyeshield 21), did some washing and finally got around to filling out my tax return.

I must say, one has to love the new SARS single page tax return form. True, youre filling in the exact same amount of information as you did in the past, but the psychological trick of putting it all on one page really works wonders, making the entire process just seem so much more quick and easy than what it was before. (True, I have a simple tax return to complete in any case, but it truly did seem more user friendly this time round).

SAPSThe evening approached and I headed out to Chantelle at the guesthouse to advance our plan of watching Transformers at the cinema and maybe spring a nice surprise supper on her. Unfortunately things didnt quite work out as planned – I got a little suspicious about the fact that the DVD and VCR players were missing in the lounge and on closer inspection I confirmed her worst fear – the guesthouse had in fact been broken into. Piecing everything together, it looks like the robbery must have happened around 4:00 in the afternoon, the thieves gaining access through the unlocked front door. It looks like they only had about a 10 minute window before they were disturbed, meaning they only got away with a DVD player and the VCR.

Obviously Chantelle was in shock. The robbery happened so easily, and it could have been a lot worse. There are only four females on the premises and the guesthouse has almost no security features to speak of whatsoever. And to make it worse, the owners of the guesthouse silently accuse her of negligence, making the psychological blow even worse.

In any event, I got the police over, we gave our statements and that was that. Not wanting to leave the house, Chantelle opted to stay at home – leaving me to pop out to KFC to organise supper.

KFCAfter an hilarious outing of not being able to find chicken, jellybeans, skittles or even petrol on any of my first or even second attempts, I eventually returned with my pilfered goodies and we sat down to watch Ugly Betty, chow our food and hit the sack.

Not quite what we planned, but then again this is South Africa: Kak things seem to happen here a lot.