*whew* Okay, nearly at the end of this Weekend in Review post.

Caffee MochaSeeing as Chantelle was on for singing duty again, we had to get up early on Sunday morning for a change to head out to the church in Tableview. While she was warming up with the rest of the group, I went for my usual stroll down Parklands main road, only to be distracted by MacDonalds and their damn McMuffin. Though coupled with a Men’s Health Magazine, the time I spent waiting certainly did fly by.

After church we headed off in search of Chantelles new phone, a search which was tragically cut short by the fact that the shop isnt open on Sundays. So we settled for a Caffee Mocha in the Seattle Coffee shop instead.

Sunday afternoon saw the braai with my parents finally come to fruition, this being the first time where Chantelle would actually sit down and meet my parents as opposed to the two brief encounters theyve had in the past. Obviously a little nervous, we took a bottle of Nederburg Duet with just in case well, I felt like it in any event.

BraaiThe braai was however a great success with everyone having a good time (apart from Claire and Riley who mom barred from joining us) and was finished off with some delicious chocolate cake and milk tart. (The milk tart was my idea, even though it was Fruit and Veg City that so graciously gave it to us).

The rest of the afternoon was nap time as far as I was convinced, a practice I’m putting more and more into use I’m finding these days. Steak and chips for supper, a little bit of rubbish TV and the end of the weekend hit us like a freight train.

Well with three pages of review, I guess I can safely tick this off as once again a nice and eventful weekend.

I’ve failed to mention the fact that I also managed to tear my final contact lenses simultaneously, meaning I’m currently sitting here in the office with my spectacles on :(