JoggerOkay okay, so maybe I’m rushing things just a little bit. As far as I’m concerned, my knee is just about back to normal. So much so that I even mentioned to Ryan that Ill probably be at badminton on Thursday evening.

Well, at least I thought so. My knee however thinks otherwise.

The rainy weather had me catching the bus instead of taking my usual stroll down to the Tugwell stop yesterday afternoon. From there my casual saunter down to the train station was however interrupted as I spied the train entering the platforms. My instinct kicked in and I set off down to the station, at in a fairly relaxed running state, but in a running state nevertheless.

By the time I reached the station (in time to catch the train I might just add), my knee was throbbing so badly I couldnt stand on it. So scratch my idea of being ready then :(

Boys, I’m afraid youll still have to wait a while before I can join you guys for a game of squash.

(So for now I think Ill stick to cycling in gym instead – bah humbug)