Kulula.comSo the big day Merkaba has been waiting for is finally upon us. This afternoon at 4pm Mr Brown will be taking to the skies for the first time as an adult, aboard a brightly green and fairly safe (well no admitted accident record yet) Kulula.com aircraft.

Of course, I’m hoping he at least sees a bit of the flight this time and not just the bottom of a brown paper bag.

In any event, good luck my friend! I trust the flight will be enjoyable and the five day visit with Kittie in Natal even better. Have tons of fun and don’t get into any trouble I don’t feel like posting bail for you. Anyway, I’m sure Kittis cats will keep you in line in any case.


(Oh and send my regards to Kitti too)

P.S. I have it on good authority (at least two women) that both agreed that by no means should you stick with your proposed opening line of I just flew in all the way from Cape Town and boy are my arms tired. I like it but apparently they all think its a bad idea to use that one. Just thought Id let you know.