CommerceIT Dirt Bin in ActionWeve always had a couple of ceiling leaks in the Commerce IT offices over the years. Annoying and harmful to our equipment health, these leaks have remained un-patched simply because UCTs local facilities maintenance personnel seem unable to do the job properly. So the rainy season has never been the most welcome here in the office, especially because it means our bins get reassigned a new job description.

However, this is all set to change now that UCT has commissioned the two Robert Leslie buildings’ roofs to be replaced/repaired. Its a fairly complex procedure that has involved a lot of people in overalls setting up scaffolding and clambering around on the roof, swinging pickaxes and other heavy machinery in order to break up the old outer layer. The result: much debris and a hell of a lot of pounding noise.

At the peak of the activity, we all joked about the roof giving in because to be honest, with all the pounding it did seem rather ominous indeed.

Turns out we shouldnt have joked about it after all.

Thanks to the activity on the roof above, the concrete ceiling of our storeroom has developed a long crack in it, allowing rainwater to seep inside, causing a hell of a lot of damage to our PCs and other equipment inside :(

And worse still, our office now officially has no rubbish bins acting as rubbish bins any more. Guess Ill just have to throw my custard Danishs paper package at Tracys desk instead.