Slice of CakeSo we had a pretty quiet weekend for a change. Friday night saw Retha pop over for a visit, giving me the perfect opportunity to give the girls a little privacy for some girl talk and space out on the sofa instead, watching etv’s Planet of the Apes screening. Unfortunately Marky Mark didn’t camouflage very well and the girls quickly routed out my hidden location, forcing me to embark on a mission to buy some cake. Too bad Limnos was closed at that time of night, so we had to settle for choccies and other such snacks from the local Spar across the road.

Saturday was a lazy day, enough said. I couldnt even keep my eyes open during the Griquas/Province game, so not much to report on that front. Unfortunately Saturday evenings planned poker night with Chantelles friends fell through, but it did gives us the opportunity to sneak out of the guesthouse to catch Robin Williams latest comedy Licence to Wed and follow it up with a late night meal at Starlight Diner. Unfortunately my memory kind of deserted me again, leaving me with a Moroccan burger that wasnt quite how I remembered it, but at least Chantelle got introduced to the legendary Oreo milkshakes.Licence to Wed Small Poster

Sunday saw us head out to Gordons Bay for a bit of an afternoon drive and to show me Cs new place of employment as well as the flat shes going to be sharing come next month. I haven’t been in Gordons Bay for years and with such a beautiful sunny day as yesterday, I’m glad we made the trip out. Leisurely strolls along the beach, a light meal at Tallas Tavern and Uncle Barrys Ice Cream soft serves made for a very relaxed afternoon indeed.

Soft ServeHad a quick squiz around Gordons Beach Lodge (Cs new place of employment), met the owner as well as the girl Chantelle will be working/living with and was suitable impressed by all. Looks like Chantelle is in for quite a bit of fun and hard work all rolled into one.

The evening had us snuggling up to watch Jim Carrey in Fun with Dick and Jane, in essence, the perfect end to a VERY relaxed weekend.