I am currently pondering a slight ponder at the moment. August the 15th used to be a fairly important date in my old relationship, primarily because it is Lizs birthday. I haven’t thought about my ex in absolute ages, but because this date has been so drilled into my head, it is still going to take a little time for it to slip out (even if I clean my ears out very often). The thing is, it is her 21st this year, a pretty major event in anyones life.

Although I always pushed for a complete break and have avoided making contact with her completely in the three or four months since the split, I kind of feel that it would be impolite not to at least wish her for her birthday. Its not as if I’m harbouring ill intent or bad feelings towards her anymore to be honest she doesnt even cross my mind at all. I’ve asked Chantelle what she thinks about the matter, and she thinks that it would be the right thing for me to do.

Well, I’ve always prided myself on trying to do the right thing (well, most of the times), so I guess I’m going to go ahead and sms her then.

I’m hoping this doesnt backfire on me, but at least I’ll feel better knowing that I did the civil thing in the end.

liz engelbrecht

Edit: just realised that my good intentions might not actually pan out after all – can’t quite remember her number any more :)

Edit #2: appears I did indeed get the number right as she thanked me for the birthday wishes. Small memory ego boost for me – numbers are usually not my thing: just ask my brother whose birthday I only know to be either 22 or 27 of January. Or Merkaba’s that is sometime towards the end of December. Shameful I know!