Licence to WedWe watched Licence to Wed on Saturday evening, and for a standard, by the book romantic comedy, it wasnt half bad. Not hilarious at all mind you, but pleasant and humorous enough to keep you focussed throughout the movie and enjoy it with your partner.

Licence to Wed is a 2007 romantic comedy film starring Robin Williams, Mandy Moore, and John Krasinski and directed by Ken Kwapis. Interestingly enough, the film has several connections to the American version of The Office. Four Office actors are featured: John Krasinski, (Jim Halpert), Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin), Mindy Kaling (Kelly Kapoor), and Brian Baumgartner (Kevin Malone). In addition, Kwapis has directed nine episodes of The Office, including the pilot. I just wish they could have found a role for Steve Carrel, but I guess Ill just have to catch him in the upcoming Evan Almighty, a hilarious follow up to 2003s Bruce Almighty comedy.

In any event, Lincence to wed revolves around Sadie Jones (Mandy Moore) has always longed to marry the man of her dreams in her family church. Though she has found her lifetime companion in Ben Murphy (John Krasinski), Sadie is distressed to learn that St. Augustine’s has only one wedding slot available – in two years time. However, there is an earlier slot available – the only catch is that it is in three weeks time!

While Sadie and Ben do qualify for the slot, the church’s eccentric minister, Reverend Frank (Robin Williams), won’t wed the couple until they agree to attend his prenuptial course (shortened, due to the new date, from three months to three weeks). Now as their wedding date draws near, Sadie and Ben must attend every one of Reverend Frank’s unusual classes and complete a series of homework assignments designed specifically to irritate one anotherin order to get past puppy love and ensure that their union will have a sound foundation.

Yes, yes, I know the plot seems a little dull and rather routine, but it is a romantic comedy so what did you expect. And while most critics panned the movie, I for one rather enjoyed it. Mandy Moore plays her role rather well (I didnt know it was Mandy Moore until I saw the credits, honest) and John Krasinski fills the role of the irritating goofy love interest with equal prowess. Robin Williams is the star of the show however, and as always his screen presence overwhelms the other actors quite often (apart from his creepy kid sidekick. I couldve done without that forced bit of humour). The movie flows predictably along, and though not overly funny (apart from Jim and his potato skins), it is light hearted, and because you can relate with so much that is going on with regards to real life communication problems in relationships, you find yourself enjoying the ride.

Its a romantic comedy, so theres not much to talk about in terms of cinematography. No special effects, no real action sequences, no real emotional or drama special scenes to mention. However, the camerawork and angles are solid and is helped along by strong background environments and actors. St Augustines church is rather gorgeous though I must say. Soundtrack wise, the movie features a pretty plain soundtrack with all the usual pop and romantic hits that you would expect in a movie of this genre.

This isnt a bad romantic comedy at all, and is a rather enjoyable movie to watch with your partner. Youll find yourself laughing at all the miscommunication moments, simply because it is an exact comment on real life relationships. Its a feel good movie that will hold your interest for its whole duration and well worth investing in if youre looking for something kind of romantically funny to watch with your partner.

Robin Williams is rather creepy though – you have been warned.