Yay, nearly weekend time at last :)

Tonight will mark the first time in over a month that I finally return to a court, this time in the form of some social badminton. My knee seems to have recovered sufficiently for me to try it out, so I’m going to play a couple of slower-paced games just to give the lateral movement across the course a bit of a spin. I’ve seriously being missing my squash and badminton (my expanding waistline is a good indicator of this as well) and cant wait to get back into the fray. I’m itching to smack Karl or Ryan around the court for a bit, so if one of you guys are readings this, try and pitch up tonight! :)

Last night Chantelle and I had an enjoyably long talk over our relationship and how and where we see it going. Obviously the new Gordons Bay twist was one of the main topics of discussion, and I’m glad to say that I was left feeling far more positive about it than what I had perhaps been in the past. As much as I hate to admit it, the main negative sentiment I had towards it was the risk of losing Chantelle to someone else because of the fact that I cant spend the copious amount of time with her like I’m now used to doing. I never used to have these types of concerns before, but after being burnt by my ex in similar circumstances, I can see why I have this new found seed of trouble in my mind. But I agree with Chantelle that this change is going to be a positive influence on our relationship and so now I am rather looking forward to this new and exciting development. Things can only go strength to strength from here on out.

(I also snagged a proper piece of cake last night unlike my disastrous attempt last night, but I think Chantelle punished me for it last night by hogging all of the bed last night again!)

aerial view of gordon's bay harbour south africa