Knee DiagramWell so much for my knee being ready for court action. In the end I lasted for a whole one and a half games of badminton, before limping off the court in disgust with myself. I should have known it would be impossible for me to play an easy and relaxed game in the end.

It would seem that the knee can take the moving around okay at slower speeds, and jogging isnt a problem. However, quick sprints, lunges and accelerated movements from standstill are impossible at the moment. Looks like I’m going to be nursing this problem for a while. And I cant help but think that all this extra weight I’m carrying around these days is exacerbating the problem even more :(

Frustrating, but I only have myself to blame I guess. My refusal to wear a knee brace stems from the fact that I want it to strengthen itself as necessary, and not become reliant on the support offered from a brace. I’ve always tried to heal myself like this, but I must admit to the knee taking longer than most injuries, simply because it is impossible to rest the joint. I cant very well stay in bed until it sorts itself out :)

Oh well, looks like jogging, weights and a bit of cycling will be my main form of exercise for a while then :) (Oh and playing horsey of course too :D)

Kudos to Merkaba for the k’need pun