ItalyDamn. Unfortunately not the greatest of weekends I’m afraid :(

It started off well enough though. I had my customary half day Friday again, which afforded me more than enough time to do some work for a change, like renew my cars licence, tidy up the flat, reseal my bath, etc. I even managed to complete Tomb Raider: Legend and start up some Shadow of Colossus. Chantelle and I were meant to go watch Hairspray in the evening, but we eventually got a little sidetracked and ended up missing it. No problem though, we had some nice things planned for the weekend, like a supper out with her friends and a big Sunday afternoon braai with all of mine.

All of which were wiped out by an early morning phone call from her boss, informing her that a group of twelve Italian cross country touring bikers were heading for the guesthouse. So drop all Saturday plans and start getting ready for their arrival. Oh and did I mention that it would be required that we take them out on a short tour Sunday too, so drop Sundays plans as well.

Much of Saturday afternoon was spent preparing the guesthouse for their arrival as well as making the necessary preparations for the big supper Chantelle was required to serve (which I managed to duck out of and ended up playing quite a bit of Shadow of Colossus – about 10 or 11 of the beasts down already!). Saturday evening I returned to the guesthouse to help out as Chantelle is a little short-staffed at the moment. So the rest of the evening was pretty much a washout (I mean that literally I did dishes for a huge part of the evening). Stupid Italians!

Sunday was a mission that involved us trying to organise the groups return of the rented BMW bikes, a short trip in the Kombi up Signal Hill and around Camps Bay and then herding the group off to the airport so that they can catch their flight. It was a little annoying really, because basically their tour guide dropped the lot off into Chantelles hands while he buggered off back to Johannesburg. Thank goodness Chantelle is more than capable of handline such situations it would seem must be her line of work then, because I would not be able to cope.

We managed to get everything done pretty smoothly in the end (apart from losing one of the Italians at Waterfront too bad we found him though) and we did at least manage to sneak out for a supper at the Silver Spur after they had finally gone, but the experience left Chantelle so pooped out that she hit the sack pretty much the minute we finally got home – leaving me to try and wile some of the hours away by watching Brainiac and some other kak that was on TV.

So a bit of a wasted weekend to be honest with almost no highlights whatsoever :(

At least I’ve rescheduled most of the missed plans for next weekend (guys must be getting pretty tired of all my sms’s), so hopefully well be a bit more lucky next time around :)