Although some of you might notice some minor changes or errors on this site, it shouldnt be too traumatic for you. Simply put, I upgraded the Simple PHP Blog framework I use for this site from to this morning.

Honestly, there are a few decent changes in the upgrade, but the guy really shouldnt be releasing buggy software, even if he defends himself by ONLY releasing beta versions of the framework. I’ve spent a little time this morning ironing out all the kinks and errors in his code so the site should now be running just fine, bar a few errors that crop up because of the content files I’ve imported into the new site from the old one (I didn’t really want to lose all my past posts).

If you do however come across some glaring errors that now crops up in the site, let me know and I might even get around to fixing them up some time :)

In case you are wondering why the upgrade, there are quite a few updates to the framework’s backend – which is why it doesn’t look all that different to you on the outside

simple php scripts logo

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