FIFA 07 Tuesday night was geared up to be our (kind of, not very) frequently held FIFA 07 challenge night, which to be quite honest, hasnt been held for a while now.

The day itself had been pretty pleasant, apart from me getting soaked wet in the process of my early morning UCT raid in which I claimed my new PC. Surprisingly enough security wasnt fast enough to stop me as I drove off with my goodies. Walking back up to campus from my off campus parking spot was another story though. The minute I stepped out of the car, the rain and wind intensified, leaving a very soggy, half-drowned rat in its stead. I couldve done with some dry pants, let me tell you.

I buggered off to gym after work in order to put in my nightly 20 minute jog, something I’m hoping to do every night this week. I can definitely feel my knee strengthening, and as it gets stronger, so I increase the intensity of my running. Seems like I’ve fully recharged my batteries and am busy going straight back into training mode, even if that doesnt include going to karate just yet.

(Yes, Chantelle, just in case you miss it, that was indeed an inside joke for you :D)

After that it was back to the flat to install my new machine before Merkaba arrived for kickoff time (Karl and Ryan decided that a healthy bout of squash not with each other seemed like a better plan than sitting around fighting with a controller. To Ryans credit, he did arrive later the evening but only because he injured himself).

Merkaba and I played our opening games and managed to grind out a lot of boring 1 all draws against each other, using a variety of teams and even more cursing. Eventually he broke through though and claimed 2 victories, leaving him the overall champion of our fight. I did manage to convincingly beat him in our last game though, thanks to the timely arrival of Ryan who then succeeded in distracting him by yakking away. (I do have to admit that Merkaba could have won a lot more games even he hadnt been so darn unlucky. I however like to think that my strategy of enlarging the actual goal posts had something to do with that – not that that is technically possible of course, just in case you are wondering.)

Ryans arrival heralded our Craig versus Them games and the first game was a cracker. I was putting the ball away left, right and centre, leading them 3 or 4-1 at one stage. However, they pulled their act together and made a terrific comeback to win the game 5-4. Very embarrassing, I know. I did however win the second game against them (I think. My memory is getting a little fuzzy at this stage). We might have played another game too, I can’t remember.

Merkaba eventually left us, no doubt to enter the dark world of child groomers (otherwise known as Mxit) as he always does, leaving Ryan and me to wrap things up for the evening. Two games and a victory apiece for us, pretty much meant it was called a draw. I’m glad it ended when it did though, Ryan was beginning to get a little more than agro with my controllers.

So a good nights entertainment from the comfort of my living room, leaving nothing broken and only a small mystery as to why the DVD systems sound kept auto adjusting upwards don’t think my neighbours were too pleased about that one :(

Hopefully next time we can get that darned missing fourth player to join us!