Whew, I’m disappointed in myself. Kyle (the big boss, emphasis on big) took us out to lunch today as a reward for performing so well in our annual Commerce IT staff survey. As per usual we headed off to Forries (the only place Kyle ever goes. And I do mean ever). The food was pretty good, and we did spend about three hours there (meaning that I’m not getting any work done this afternoon!) but the thing I’m moaning about is the fact that I’m sitting here, finally back in the office, feeling very tipsy with the start of a hangover already.

After only three castle drafts!

Large ones yes, but only three! I can see I haven’t been drinking for a while. Getting a bit light under the belt here eh? Going to have to go into serious training if I want to avoid feeling this kak again after only three beers. Oh, I am SO not looking forward to driving home in an hour’s time :(

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