So seeing as last week’s badminton turned out into a bit of a debacle when it came to the wellbeing of my knee, I decided to skip the badminton last night and rather go for my nightly 20 minute jog on the treadmill (I’m very proud of myself. Everyday of the week now :]) and then visit with C at the guest house for the rest of the evening.

Ugly Betty was the show of choice for the night (I have downloaded the first season for her if you must know), and we settled down to watch a couple of episodes. Although not a follower of the series per say (well, not like C who has seen almost all the episodes now), I have seen enough of them to know what’s going on, and I must admit that for a long (40 minute episodes yuck, I hate the long television show format) comedy/drama, Ugly Betty succeeds in being thoroughly entertaining. It might not have you in stitches, but the oddball cast of characters in the highly superficial world of fashion does make for a fun and quirky ride. Cheesy, funny and serious all rolled into one, I can see why this show is a Golden Globe- and Peabody Award-winning dramedy. (You think I’m making this up? You think I can’t spell? Hah, here’s the link to dramedy!)

Any way, this was a nice change of pace from Wednesday evening where we spent most of our time at the airport, waiting for C’s parents to land (They were returning from their week long holiday at Sun City – lucky buggers). I couldn’t help but marvel at the inefficiency of the drop and go system layout as we waited for their rather delayed flight to come in. Why is it that the designers insist on a wide throughway with parallel parking bays lining either side of the road? This causes chaos because a) to park correctly you need to back into a parallel parking; b) it allows for people to pull up alongside parked cars, causing unnecessary obstruction; c) most people can’t parallel park efficiently anyway. No matter how I look at it, there must be a better layout. I’m thinking along the lines of introducing angled parking bays, with narrower thoroughfare on either side of the bays. This means that you still have the luxury of the moving forward into a parking bay (which is what the current system tries to enable by having oversized parallel parking bays), but eliminates all of the disadvantages I listed above. Honestly, unless someone can point out a problem with my ingenious design, I’m going to have to go through today feeling like a brilliant genius much to the detriment of all my office colleagues of course.

I’m so impressed with my idea, I even scribbled it down for the world to see. See?
Airport Current System Airport Efficient System

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. C was telling me that her new boss/colleague/associate person-thingie just got engaged to a guy she’s been seeing for just over 3 months now. Now is it just me, or isn’t that kind of short to be making that big a commitment? 3 months is nothing. Or am I being a stick in the mud here? I just kind of think this kind of thing should take more time. Two people should first learn more about one another, spend more time in each other’s company, know the other person and know that they want to spend the rest of their life with that special person before making this big a decision. Surely this isn’t something that can just be jumped into, especially as we humans are known to have rather fickle hearts? Am I being a little cynical here, or as I like to put it, realistic?

Am I the only one that thinks this way though? I wonder. Or is it as we get older the drive to settle down and start a family becomes a lot stronger in us than what it was before, and we rush blindly into things like marriage without taking the time to let relationships mature and prosper as what we might have when we were still younger?