So as my previous post indicated, Friday turned out pretty good, with most of my work day being taken up by our staff lunch. Once we eventually got back to the office I did at least do some quick work before heading off home at 4 :)

Unfortunately my slightly inebriated state meant that going to run at gym was pretty much out of the question, so I dozed off in front of the TV instead (not before killing off my twelfth colossus in Shadow of Colossus I might add). After that, it was quick makeover time before heading out to join C at the guest house. This weekend she only has Mr. Nicholas Louw (Well known, popular Afrikaans Pop Rock singer) staying over, and seeing that he and his entourage were out for the evening meant that we finally had a night to ourselves for a change.

So some delicious KFC for supper (again, I was the only white person in the Voortrekker road KFC that place is always packed and I am almost always the only white guy there. Now I know how that Chinese immigrant feels like in all the AWB meetings), before being joined by Retha and heading off to join up with Karl and Patricia at Six of Nine’s gig at the Corner Bar in Durbanville. Of course getting there was a bit of a mission, as the guest houses gate packed up as we left, so we pretty much had to drop everything and fix it first. Didnt help that the key bent and we had to gippo the system a little, but we sorted it out in the end :)

Unfortunately (and I’m sad to say this), but we should have taken longer to fix the gate. I like Six of Nines music, but last night was the worst performance ever. The venues sound equipment was not playing along at all, leaving a cacophonic noise of mismatched instrument volumes, all which overpowered the vocals. My chance of impressing C with their performance was pretty much blown. At least my Millers wasnt all that bad.

Leaving Karl and Pat behind, C and I then headed off to Stones in Edward Street around midnight. A couple of drinks and some dancing (I still fail to impress her with my moves for some strange reason I don’t see how I look like Hammy the hyper speed squirrel thank you very much) and the earlier disappointment of the evening was soon forgotten.

Finally we called it a night and headed home, grateful to make it the relative safety of our bed for the evening. (I say relative safety because we stayed in room 5 last night, a delightful room that is sunk a couple of steps down, meaning a tricky trip to the bed if you are feeling slightly tipsy. I recommend diving down the stairs and onto the bed, but for some reason I don’t think C would be all that impressed.)

over the hedge hammy and rj