Seeing as I posted Fridays review on Saturday already, I guess all that left is a quick round up on what happened the rest of the weekend.

Saturday morning and afternoon were pretty chilled – I left the guest house to give Chantelle some time alone with her friend and the baby, opting to play some games and plod around my flat a little, instead of dodging baby vomit (Chantelle dodged just fine. The kids mom however didnt). The afternoon was spent doing some shopping, picking up all the meat, dessert and snackies for the evenings braai which we were hosting for a couple of buddies at the guest house. We even played a little mission impossible, sneaking into Chantelles dads back yard in order to swipe some (hopefully) dry braai wood from him. The infiltration was a success – the wood however wasnt all that great a catch.

Though in hindsight, it really didnt matter. The weekend was pretty much going along the vein of what can go wrong will go wrong, particularly if it required any of my attention or concentration. For example, I decided to do some dishes when I was at my flat earlier. So I tap in the water, quickly walk to the lounge to change the song, type out a sms, saunter back to the kitchen, only to run out, grab some towels and start mopping the floor! You get the picture :(

The braai turned out to be no exception to this. I was obviously in charge of braaing all the meat, which I duly packed on the grid, put it over the coals and started chatting. Needless to say, the resultant charcoal/meat/stuff wasnt all that pleasing on the palate. Thank goodness for some nice potato bake and divine chocolate cake to make up for that debacle :)

Well apart from the meat, the braai was pretty much a success, even if it was a rather laidback affair. My attention span on the other hand never quite improved – so much so that I even managed to walk Chantelle to the car, unlock her door with the key and then promptly walk around to my door and get in, only realising that I forgot to actually open her door for her once I was half way inside already! *sigh*

Sunday we spent most of the morning in bed, only venturing out for lunch with Chantelles parents in the afternoon. Her dad had made a lekker waterblommetjies potjie which was thoroughly delicious (in the end. When I first laid eyes on it it was looking rather unappealing. How was I to know the meat was hiding under all that greenery, right at the bottom!?). We capped the visit off with watching a few embarrassing videos from Cs childhood, much to my delight of course! :)

Sunday evening was guest check in time, so back to work for C, leaving me to catch a little of Miami Vice on MNET and The One on eTV, before hitting the sack for some well deserved snooze time.

miami vice movie - talking on a mobile phone

Too bad that was disturbed this morning by some circuits shorting out on the main electric switch board of the guest house, causing the electricity to switch off and the damn alarm to tell us that it had lost its power source. Oh well, at least we know the alarms power detection notifier works now I guess :(