So according to the news report linked below (Related Link), there is now a new reason to lose weight here in our beloved(?) South Africa.

For years we’ve been told to lose weight because of its health complications, or because of its self-image impact or simply to fit into the ever decreasing in size new car models (Don’t include the Dodge in that last statement – that thing is mean big).

We’ve forsaken oily, fatty foods for healthier (read bland) alternatives and taken to road running, cycling and gyms like sheep to a green pasture. All this to feel good and look sexy to the opposite sex.

But thanks to the article below, we now have another reason to go for thin – the ability to narrowly dodge bullets!

The article tells of a Pretoria man that confronted an intruder on his property. As he moved to strike the intruder, the intruder fired a shot at him, the bullet of which narrowly missed his skinny leg, leaving a big hole in his jeans and the car’s diff (The car didn’t make it – it was probably a Dodge. A little Atos might have survived).

So as his wife says, Viva to skinny legs for all!

male legs in jeans

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