Cliff JenningsI don’t watch reality TV, never mind TV itself in general, but because C is quite the Idols fan, I’ve been watching the series with her. Were currently in the first audition stage and as such have been taken through the myriad of idols hopefuls, all trying to make their dream a reality. The good, the bad and the downright ugly have all graced our screens. The four judges have been doing their jobs of being as lofty and heavy-handed with the criticism as always, so I guess we can safely say that so far this is pretty much a pretty normal Idols run.

Funny thing is, it is becoming a little annoying how the show is being tweaked for ratings sake. First there are the stories of how every idol hopeful goes through a primary pre-screening before being allowed to go to the first audition with Gareth and the rest of the judges. This begs the question then, just why are so many crazy, crappy singers being allowed through to this audition? The answer itself is pretty simple – to make it more fun for the audience at home. We like to cringe at really bad singers and make comments about rather ugly looking contestants, but surely this is diluting the shows appeal to finding the next singing idol? Shouldnt the show be concentrating on talent rather than the lack of it?

Anyway, the latest scandal to hit Idols is that of a rather annoying and persistent contestant hopeful that goes by the name of Cliff Jennings. He is pretty annoying, very full of himself and quite bad in the singing stakes to boot. And he has a nasty habit of turning up at all the auditions. Surely this guy cant be serious!

Actually, it turns out he isnt. Despite all the Facebook and Myspace entries, despite the following of hundreds of people, despite his running around proclaiming to everyone, Keep it real and Live the dream, Cliff is in fact a hired actor, hired by an independent ad agency to bring some spice to Idols.

Eduan van Jaarsveldt is his real name and he secured his first acting roles in the South African movie Tsotsi where he had a small role as a policeman as well as the television mini-series The Gothica Caper.

So just like what happened to Survivor, there goes the reality out from Idols.

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