So having dragged myself into work on Friday morning, I quickly packed up and left at 12:00 ah, such is the good life :)

Back at home I started some of the massive cleanup operation that needs to be completed before Wednesday (The day C comes to live with me for a couple of days before she moves on to Gordons Bay). The task itself is pretty yukky, especially considering I’m not that great a fan of cleaning neat and tidy, yes, clean, no. My fairly novel approach to cleaning the grime off my bathroom walls (which are pretty disgusting considering they probably haven’t been cleaned for 2 or 3 years and the fact that I get a fine black dust that blows in through the window) involves taking the floor mop/squeegee thingie, dipping it in water and sploshing the walls wet. It works well, but it does mean the world lies full of water. It was however quite funny, because just after I applied the water to the window wall, I got a polite knock on the front door. It was a little old lady that had noticed water seeping out through my window and had just popped over to inform me that something must be wrong :)

I even managed to do some ironing, which gave me the perfect opportunity to test out my new iron that I purchased this week, the Mellerware Toledo 2000. Fancy name for a cheapish iron, but it looks nice and bulky, so I like it. I was happily ironing away for a while when all of a sudden I noticed that the iron was no longer removing the creases from the clothes. Instead, it was leaking water all over them! I was extremely perplexed, and then extremely annoyed. How can this brand new iron just stop working on its first use! What a piece of crap I’ve been sold! Well, that was until I looked down at the ground (where I wanted the throw the iron in disgust) and noticed something rather strange. In my ironing vigor I had in fact managed to yank the plug out of the socket. Dont ask why that is possible, just know that it is.

All this work was topped off by a lekker snooze (I am still a little under the weather you know) followed by some gaming time in which I managed to finish off my last LOTR game, namely The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers as well progress fairly nicely in Evil Dead: Regeneration. Bruce Campbells campy acting is as good in the game as it is in the B-grade classics that was Army of Darkness and Evil Dead.

Anyway, the evening had me dress up all smart as I joined Chantelle and we headed out to a little club in Cape Town called Juleep (just off Long Street), where Retha was hosting her Spanish society event. Everyone was dressed up for the occasion, the bar was open and the music had a fun Spanish vibe, everything combining into a good little get together.


Sneaking out from there, we headed up Signal Hill to go view the sights, but unfortunately were turned back by the mist on the mountain the fact that the road was closed from Lions Head upwards was a factor as well I guess.

No problemo though we headed off to the nearest Woolworths food store for some delicious pies and Chuckles choccies before slinking off home in the early hours of the morning.