Naked RunnerSo restaurants in Pretoria have been warned against a certain Jason Pillay, an Indian guy that orders alcohol and big meals and then avoids paying the bill by stripping completely naked.

What a brilliant plan! (apart from the fact that you lose all social credibility of course, but it certain will help save some big bucks!)

Just imagine you’re a customer at a restaurant when all of a sudden the guy next to you starts removing all his clothes. Man, I’d probably give him money just to go away and let me eat my meal in peace – I mean, how am I meant to enjoy my piece of boerewors now? Sausage in a bun just won’t look the same anymore :(

And as a waiter it has to be even worse. You know you are going to have to touch him to escort him out of the place.

Anyone for a pair of rubber gloves?

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