Brokeback MountainSo after Friday nights fun, the rest of the weekend petered out into a rather dull affair. I even did some actual work work on Saturday afternoon, something I haven’t had to do in years. And thanks to an attempted blackmail/extortion attempt by a disgruntled employee, our plans to catch a movie was dashed on Saturday evening, leaving us to catch Day After Tomorrow on DSTV instead, complementing the movie with a rather delicious Variety Feast from KFC (I have yet to find a KFC that doesnt do roaring trade round supper time damn it! At least their pimped out Colonel burger is quite nice and makes up for the long waiting queues).

Sunday was just as a laid back affair as Saturday, with us not doing much apart from jumpstarting the kombi (unsuccessful as first because unbeknownst to me, C had left the keys in the kombis ignition, meaning I nearly electrocuted myself when connecting the terminals), watching C fruitlessly hunt a mole (I was routing for the mole anyway) and entertaining her parents who had dropped by for a quick visit. At least I was lucky enough to escape more of the hairy-caterpillars-for-eyebrows Jake Gylenhaal (he was in Day After Tomorrow) in Brokeback Mountain that C wanted to watch on Sunday evening (why is it that all girls seem to like that dreadful movie? I know I don’t want to see Heath Ledger on Jake Gylenhaal thank you very much) thanks to:

1) A timely phone call from her boss
2) An expertly planned exit to walk to the Spar for some Coca Cola by me
3) Restlessly flailing my arms around to distract C while trying to change the channel with my toe to something more interesting, like Maximum Risk or Catwoman. This tactic eventually paid off just by the way.

I did at least manage to catch more Van Damme later in Kickboxer on SABC1 :)